The coming of Punkt!

19 • 05 • 20Punkt

A longstanding problem in the Hungarian photography field has been the lack of an online publication capable of reacting swiftly and critically to events in the domestic and international scene and to new photographic works, exhibitions, books and conferences.  A magazine that could also inform the international community about events and accomplishments in Hungary, doing so by means of articles and essays in English and through contacts with international journals and organisations.


We have tried to find a solution.

To start from a point.

To fill the vacuum.

To formulate a view.

This is Punkt!


We want Punkt to be a publication that monitors developments in photography without becoming trapped in its own medium. Instead, the magazine should seek out the broader context, since in this era of (digital) photography we are witnesses to the radical mixing of the various branches and media of art.

While being driven by professional aspects and having a strong vision of photography, the magazine should nevertheless convey all this with clarity and up-to-date accuracy. We want the magazine to be diverse and exciting, with a focus on meaningful and enjoyable articles/reports on important artworks and events.

We want to be the point (Punkt!) to which all people – or at least many of them – come in order to find out more about photography, pictures, and happenings in Hungary and around the world.

(Translation: Dániel Sipos)