“What I’m interested in is how we feel good” – interview with Éva Szombat

Éva Szombat has built an unmistakable style, and her visual world makes frequent appearances in collaborations with designers, as well as in her own applied works. Above all, we wanted to know how she could reconcile autonomous and collaborative projects, and how kitsch, sequins and glamour relate to provocation and social engagement.


What if my cells were kept alive forever?

Maija Tammi is a Finnish artist and researcher, based in Helsinki. In her works, she investigates different approaches towards science, aesthetics, sickness, time, and (im)mortality.

They expect us to be pretty but I dare to be ugly

Katalin Ladik on her early artistic experimentations, her collaboration with the Bosch + Bosch Group and her relationship with the arts estabishment of the semi-periphery. A conversation at the Budapest Ludwig Museum’s Bosch+Bosch Group and the Vojvodina Neo-avantgarde Movement exhibit.