Exercises in Self-portrait

With Passport, Gáspár Riskó has created a remarkable photo book. Published in 500 copies by the Swiss Innen, the book comprises 114 pages of images, without any written explanation.

Dis/assembling Art

Péter Puklus is known to think in series that are not unlike novels or epics—they are long, extensive, and often take years to complete. The final form these series usually take is a publication, a photo book.

Full-Stack Photography

This exhibition at Studio Gallery, the venue of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE), would not seem out of place in a similarly specced space in Prague, Vienna or Berlin, while its subject is very accessible for anyone familiar with virtual interfaces and images.

What if my cells were kept alive forever?

Maija Tammi is a Finnish artist and researcher, based in Helsinki. In her works, she investigates different approaches towards science, aesthetics, sickness, time, and (im)mortality.

They expect us to be pretty but I dare to be ugly

Katalin Ladik on her early artistic experimentations, her collaboration with the Bosch + Bosch Group and her relationship with the arts estabishment of the semi-periphery. A conversation at the Budapest Ludwig Museum’s Bosch+Bosch Group and the Vojvodina Neo-avantgarde Movement exhibit.

Remembrance and cognition

Last autumn the Hungarian National Gallery held its first contemporary pop-up exhibition, linked to the temporary exhibitions. This summer saw the opening of the third part of the thematic series, the pop-up exhibition Camera Lucida, accompanying the Fortepan photography exhibition Every Past is My Past.