Always leave a white patch in the picture – László Moholy-Nagy 125

László Moholy-Nagy, one of the most influential Hungarian artists of all times was born on this day 125 years ago, on 20 July, 1895. He was a visual artist, photographer, typographer, designer, thinker and educator, whose experimental thinking and work as a progressive artist influenced all that we now consider the art of the 20th century. We salute Moholy-Nagy’s photographic output with the following selection of works.

Travelling Issues – Artists at Home, 2.

In the first instalment of our gallery series, “Artists at Home,” we looked at how people’s relationship to private space, to their homes, changed during the epidemic, with viewpoints offered by four contemporary artists. The second part of the series presents a project each by an Italian and a Swedish artist, who use stills and film produced by Google to highlight changes in how the world is perceived, and how you can take a journey in virtual space.

“You cannot exist in a hurry in here” – interview with Esther Horvath

Held in mid-April, the World Press Photo Awards conferred its first prize in the Environment category to Hungarian photographer Esther Horváth. The photographer, who currently lives in Bremen, has been documenting the environmental changes in the Arctic region and participated in numerous research expeditions over the last five years. She is genuinely concerned with the issues of climate change and nature conservation, and also, importantly, she is the first Hungarian woman to get a prize at the World Press Photo Awards.

Epidemic issues – Artists at Home

The first part of the gallery series, “Artists at Home” takes a look at how people’s relationship to private space, their homes and immediate surroundings changed during the epidemic, with viewpoints offered by four contemporary artists: Louise Desnos (FR), Maria Gallen-Kallela (FIN-US), Nicolas Haeni (FR), and Heidi Holma (FIN).

It’s a worldview to emigrate as an artist – an interview with Zoltán Tombor

Late last year the grapevine was abuzz with news of Zoltán Tombor, one of the best-known Hungarian fashion photographers, moving back from New York to Hungary. In December he made his debut with a new set, Homeward. A few months have passed since then, and we were curious what plans he had for his professional future, and how it felt to move back from the US.