Marcell Piti: Their Own Masters

In the end, the portraits show them the way I see them. Defying the mainstream, the experience society’s attachment to comfort, these people are their own masters.

Zoltán Tombor is Guest of Artist Encounters in Stuttgart

Maintaining a tradition of 30 years, the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Stuttgart runs a series of exhibitions, Artist Encounters. Its current Hungarian guest is Zoltán Tombor, who has recently returned to Hungary to live and work here after stays in Italy and the US.

Images from You Are Here, the album of Tibor Gyenis

Geometry informs the images of the landscape interventions, of the objects Tibor Gyenis placed in natural settings, and similar formal principles applied when he carved or cut out parts of the photographs’ mounts.

Attila Bartis – Old and Recent Work (2014–2019)

Bartis releases the viewer from the constraint of analytical thinking, and encourages you to consider life, your own life, from a viewpoint that is somehow visceral, impossible to describe in reasonable terms—one that yearns for transcendence.

“Living without relationships is like living without food” – Lilla Szász: Histories of Love (2009-2020)

I am fascinated by relationships. I take photos of friends, relatives, loves, people I know randomly. The goal, my goal has and had been to understand what love is. What ties people together. And after 9 years of photographing I realized that there is no one good answer. The answer is that I still don’t know. And I don’t think I will ever know.