Private Interest and Public Treasure 2.

“Perhaps Pauer was not aware of it, but the indubitable fact is that these photos completely blur the relations between artistic model and erotic model, artwork and erotic photo. “

Private Interest and Public Treasure 1.

“The representability of genitalia as far as female (often bare) and male (rather covered) sex organs are concerned, is closely related to the question of power relations. “

Asylum from Steel Sheets and Porn

“Evoking one of the most pressing questions of present-day politics with its bare title, The Asylum conforms to a succession of utterly consistent exhibitions in terms of use of media as well as social sensitivity. “

Herbarium (Atlas)

“Titled Atlas, my latest project is an ambitious photographic encyclopaedia.”

Sewing Machine and Traffic Accident: UKI 2019

“Nicknamed Uki, by now well-established and regarded amongst fanzine enthusiasts as a must-see event, the convention’s mission is to popularise zine-culture in Hungary and bring the local zine community together – in other words, to create a kind of platform.”