Dániel Kovalovszky: An Infernal Play

My work looks at the fragility of human freedom and democracy as I record the current state of key locales of the communist dictatorship in Hungary. I visit the deepest circles of the hell of this period, which was marked by political division and which the country hasn’t come to terms with: the prisons of the Rákosi and early Kádár eras.

Márton Mónus: 90 minutes

“Oltalom” Sports Club tries to provide regular and free sports opportunities for those in need (some of the players came from deep poverty, or there are refugees, mentally handicapped, homeless or other disadvantaged children).

Zsófia Sivák: Our Prices are in Forints (2018 – )

In the recent years several rural taverns had to close its doors permanently or had to transform themselves into something totally different, deprived from their original functions. In my photo series I am going to visit and photograph the pubs which are still in business in Heves county’s settlements under the population of 3000 inhabitants.

Punkt was launched two years ago

An online photography magazine in Hungarian and English: when it was started two years ago, the editors felt Punkt filled a long-felt need by presenting the latest achievements in the photography of Hungary, the Central and East European region, and the world at large.

“The series is a very precise articulation of the goals I set myself as a child.” – Viktória Balogh: At The Foot of the Rainbow

0103 Photo: Viktória Balogh: At The Foot of the Rainbow, 2020 How can traditions be handed down, how can they change, accumulate and effect individual lives? How can life in the country be reconsidered, and how is it related to life in the city? A personal, and potentially collective, answer is offered to these questions […]

Identity and self-identity – Anikó Robitz: Woven Mirror

Woven Mirror is a new series centred on the concept of identity and self-identity, which I began at the end of 2019. For these pictures, I cut photos, printed on canvas, and reflective leatherette into stripes of varying width, interwove them, and mounted them on stretchers. While the vocabulary of forms continues to be geometric, these new works are multi-layered and reach out into the third dimension.