Benedek Bognár: Cui Prodest

Máté Bartha – Anima Mundi

Máté Bartha – Anima Mundi

My project in the making focuses on the human necessity of perceiving the world as a purposeful structure through attaching causality and meaning to phenomena. The images in the series balance between documentary and conceptual photography, and observe contemporary urban space as the entirety of creation.

Viktória Balogh: Finding the End of the Rainbow

Establishing a home is a major challenge for the vast majority of Hungarian society. Construction raw material prices have risen dramatically in recent years, labor costs are high due to labor shortages, and good tradespeople are hard to find.

Unleash Your Herd’s Potential – An exhibition by Dániel Szalai

The starting point of the project, Unleash Your Herd’s Potential was the news about developing a face recognition program for cattle. Considering precision livestock farming, Szalai’s work takes cattle as an animal ’broken in’ by the algorithm and reflects on surveillance, exploitation and our relationship to nature.

A selection from Máté Lakos’ series, Moratorium

I bought a flat on a 30-year loan. This means I’ll be in debt longer than I have lived so far. That is something that puts a lot of pressure on me. This photo series documents this situation. I began to take a look at the challenges of sustaining yourself, a global problem that defines the daily life of my contemporaries and myself.

Dániel Kovalovszky: An Infernal Play

My work looks at the fragility of human freedom and democracy as I record the current state of key locales of the communist dictatorship in Hungary. I visit the deepest circles of the hell of this period, which was marked by political division and which the country hasn’t come to terms with: the prisons of the Rákosi and early Kádár eras.