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Photography and Faith

The question of photography and faith, however, appears also beyond the everyday. As guest editor of Aperture Magazine #237: Spirituality, published in December 2019, photographer Wolfgang Tillmans explains his choice of subject thus: “I immediately knew that it should be spirituality… because I strongly sense that the political shifts in Western society in the last ten years stem from a lack of meaning in the capitalist world.


It’s a worldview to emigrate as an artist – an interview with Zoltán Tombor

Late last year the grapevine was abuzz with news of Zoltán Tombor, one of the best-known Hungarian fashion photographers, moving back from New York to Hungary. In December he made his debut with a new set, Homeward. A few months have passed since then, and we were curious what plans he had for his professional future, and how it felt to move back from the US.

Faith, Language, Violence

The show Furnishing the Meaning presented seemingly quite a different series of photographs by three young artists in one space.