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Darkroom – Conversation with Anders Petersen

On an old wooden door is an unremarkable aluminium sign that reads ‘Anders Petersen’ in punched lettering. It has been there for thirty five years. Obvious marks on the door show that there have been several other signs there too. The door is ajar, as is usual when company is expected. I descend a grey painted, heavy-duty wooden stairway. Here, halfway below street level, it opens out into several small rooms and recesses. The walls are covered with shelving that holds files as well as old photographic-paper boxes marked ‘Roxy’, ‘Elfie’, ‘Lothar’, ‘Ramona’ and ‘Holländske luffaren’ while computer monitors sit on workbenches.


Be real! – Interview with Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Andreas Laszlo Konrath’s work is a modern blend of personal expression and social documentation. Through his documentation of the world as he knows it, his distinctive style has become an integral part of his authentic and visceral portrait photography. His portfolio is full of iconic characters and everyday heroes. But whether he’s photographing celebrities or young people on skateboards, analogue processes are at the forefront of his image-making.

Exercises in Self-portrait

With Passport, Gáspár Riskó has created a remarkable photo book. Published in 500 copies by the Swiss Innen, the book comprises 114 pages of images, without any written explanation.

Dis/assembling Art

Péter Puklus is known to think in series that are not unlike novels or epics—they are long, extensive, and often take years to complete. The final form these series usually take is a publication, a photo book.

How to Make a Manual?

Depicting the different stages of various actions, the photos are taken out of context by Ruth van Beek, and grouped according to her own subjective aspects, mainly along the lines of iconographic or visual associations.

Sewing Machine and Traffic Accident: UKI 2019

“Nicknamed Uki, by now well-established and regarded amongst fanzine enthusiasts as a must-see event, the convention’s mission is to popularise zine-culture in Hungary and bring the local zine community together – in other words, to create a kind of platform.”