Photography and Faith

The question of photography and faith, however, appears also beyond the everyday. As guest editor of Aperture Magazine #237: Spirituality, published in December 2019, photographer Wolfgang Tillmans explains his choice of subject thus: “I immediately knew that it should be spirituality… because I strongly sense that the political shifts in Western society in the last ten years stem from a lack of meaning in the capitalist world.


Sustainable technology? Questions of Art and Conservation in the Digital Age

In 2016 an independent institution called Vašulka Kitchen was established in Brno, Czech Republic with a similar purpose, namely to encourage the creation and research of new media works, among others by organizing educational programs, conferences, talks, exhibitions and performances.

Private Interest and Public Treasure 2.

“Perhaps Pauer was not aware of it, but the indubitable fact is that these photos completely blur the relations between artistic model and erotic model, artwork and erotic photo. “

Private Interest and Public Treasure 1.

“The representability of genitalia as far as female (often bare) and male (rather covered) sex organs are concerned, is closely related to the question of power relations. “