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Backlighting – An interview with Lajos Csontó

What everyone photographs today with their phone: life. I was one of those who always had a camera around their neck. With an attitude that was very much like what Instagram provides today, I created a stream of images, from which the odd interesting picture stands out. – an interview with Lajos Csontó


Sustainable technology? Questions of Art and Conservation in the Digital Age

In 2016 an independent institution called Vašulka Kitchen was established in Brno, Czech Republic with a similar purpose, namely to encourage the creation and research of new media works, among others by organizing educational programs, conferences, talks, exhibitions and performances.

Remembrance and cognition

Last autumn the Hungarian National Gallery held its first contemporary pop-up exhibition, linked to the temporary exhibitions. This summer saw the opening of the third part of the thematic series, the pop-up exhibition Camera Lucida, accompanying the Fortepan photography exhibition Every Past is My Past.