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‘It has become important for me to work against the phoney world around us’ – In conversation with András Vizi

András Vizi’s photographs show a special world. The unusual visual effects that create this irreproducible universe are often created using real, analogue installations. This conceptual creative process, then, involves visual art a sister art, but the focus is always on the photograph. This creative attitude informs the most diverse series, which, however, have this in common: the people shown are imaged in unique ways, and this also leads to a revised representation of the body.


‘I have always been interested in what a picture has inside’ – In conversation with Zsolt Péter Barta

Balogh Rudolf Prize-winning photographer Zsolt Péter Barta works on the borderline between photography and visual art, and has published his work in two albums (CodeX, 2007 and Csarnok, 2009). Among other things, we spoke with the artist about the problems and accomplishments of contemporary Hungarian photography, as well as the role of institutions in this country and abroad.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from my dreams and I take a lot also from everyday life” – Interview with Yelena Yemchuk

Yelena Yemchuk is a unique and multitalented artist who is not only a photographer but also a painter and video artist. The Kiev born photographer emigrated to the United States with her parents at the age of 11 but her Ukrainian roots have always been a key part of her life and a source of inspiration. Her book, УYY, published in 2022 by Depart Pour L’Image, functions kind of personal diary that gives an insight into the photographer’s personal world and her feelings for her homeland. The book from which a selection is presented on the walls of PaperLab Gallery was nominated for the Paris Photo/Aperture First book Prize in 2022 and this year won the first prize in Best International Photobook category of the PHotoESPAÑA festival.

Be real! – Interview with Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Andreas Laszlo Konrath’s work is a modern blend of personal expression and social documentation. Through his documentation of the world as he knows it, his distinctive style has become an integral part of his authentic and visceral portrait photography. His portfolio is full of iconic characters and everyday heroes. But whether he’s photographing celebrities or young people on skateboards, analogue processes are at the forefront of his image-making.

The imagination of Petra F. Collins

What lies behind the deeply intimate and private images of this young Canadian-Hungarian photographer? With over one million followers on Instagram, Petra F. Collins is one of the most influential young photographers of our time. An artist and model in one, a kind of Warholian character. The main subject of her images is adolescence, with its idealized beauty and naivety, and the different realities of femininity. She shoots her emotional, dreamlike photographs on film, imbued with a dark sadness.

They expect us to be pretty but I dare to be ugly

Katalin Ladik on her early artistic experimentations, her collaboration with the Bosch + Bosch Group and her relationship with the arts estabishment of the semi-periphery. A conversation at the Budapest Ludwig Museum’s Bosch+Bosch Group and the Vojvodina Neo-avantgarde Movement exhibit.