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“What I’m interested in is how we feel good” – interview with Éva Szombat

Éva Szombat has built an unmistakable style, and her visual world makes frequent appearances in collaborations with designers, as well as in her own applied works. Above all, we wanted to know how she could reconcile autonomous and collaborative projects, and how kitsch, sequins and glamour relate to provocation and social engagement.


I didn’t cease / But somehow…/ I do not exist

Andi Gáldi Vinkó’s latest work, Sorry I Gave Birth I Disappeared But Now I’m Back strikes multiple chords in diverse registers in an unusually concentrated and complex manner, offering a tragic, comical, poetic, vulgar, objective, heart-wrenching, shocking and disgusting, to put it simply, dense description of motherhood, or more precisely, the initial stage of motherhood as she experienced it.

Private Interest and Public Treasure 2.

“Perhaps Pauer was not aware of it, but the indubitable fact is that these photos completely blur the relations between artistic model and erotic model, artwork and erotic photo. “

Private Interest and Public Treasure 1.

“The representability of genitalia as far as female (often bare) and male (rather covered) sex organs are concerned, is closely related to the question of power relations. “